Who We Are

“Mladenoff” construction firm has been registered as a business entity and has built with its own financial means six identical houses in the immediate vicinity of the golf academy. It has been registered in the Companies House in Wiesbaden under the name of “Mladenoff” Gmbh, as it is a holder of a registration number: HR B 27266 and it is located at the address: 25 Mainzer strasse, post code 65185 Wiesbaden.

At present, we are a new company, operating on the German real estate market and we would like to have great achievements in terms of Luxury.

Its main partner – Mr. Nedko Mladenov possesses two building firms in Bulgaria, named „M-Strong“ and „Sofistate“ and one firm, specialized in building supervision and named „Interstroycontrol“, as all of them have a time-proven excellent reputation. Great projects like the expansion of Sofia Airport, „Mall of Sofia“, „Business Park Sofia“ (here in partnership with Lindner JSC), „The Mall“, The American Embassy and others have been controlled by the company for building supervision, owned by Mr. Mladenov. Our construction companies take part in the construction of many residential sites in Sofia City, most often as a main building contractor. Our big project is the photovoltaic power plant/station in Kazanluk town, in which undertaking Mr. Mladenov works as a partner in the management of „BCI JSC“ jointly with the German concern „Bosch“.

Another project in which Mr. Mladenov acts as a representative in management, is the photovoltaic power plant in Cherganovo village (in close proximity to Kazanluk town), as it has the capacity of 25 MW, as a partner to the Chinese solar device manufacturer „Hareon Solar“ and „Bank of China“.

We always give priority to the excellent completion of assigned building projects