Legal guidelines

With this site we would like to inform you about our services and ongoing projects for real estate. Of course, provided information must be exposed under careful review in regard of completeness, accuracy and actuality. Nevertheless, we could make a mistake so it couldn’t be given warranty for completeness, accuracy and actuality- that’s why we ask for your understanding. The whole information in this site could be changed without warning, removed or modified in another way. In this sense, we reject because of purely informative nature of this web site in principle any liability for damage – for any reason – are incurred in connection of using the information, provided in our website.

Please note that the copyright of all documents submitted to our site and the materials used for it belong only to our company or our customers, and use of our website does not grant anyone rights in any form. Applying beyond information use (e.g. for market purposes) is not allowed, except if it is allowed by us with explicit written permission.

If we provide access to external information by email (links), directly or indirectly it will be established that we cannot take responsibility for the content of these sites.

Due to extremely informative nature of this web site it must be underline that it is excluded contractual and legal commitment to our company or other obligation in any form based solely on information, provided here.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass das Urheberrecht sämtlicher auf unserer Webseite bereitgestellten Dokumente und der dafür verwendeten Materialien ausschließlich bei unserem Unternehmen oder unseren Kunden liegt und durch die Verwendung unserer Webseite niemandem ein Recht, in welcher Form auch immer, eingeräumt wird. Eine über den informativen Gebrauch hinausgehende sonstige Verwendung (etwa zu gewerblichen Zwecken) ist nicht gestattet, es sei denn, Ihnen ist unserseits die schriftliche Zustimmung hierzu ausdrücklich erteilt worden.

Sofern wir mittels elektronischen Verweises (Links) einen Zugang zu fremden Informationen direkt oder indirekt eröffnen, wird festgehalten, dass wir für den Inhalt dieser Webseiten keine Verantwortung übernehmen können.

Aufgrund des ausschließlich informativen Charakters dieser Webseite wird besonders betont, dass eine rechtsgeschäftliche Bindung unseres Unternehmens oder sonstige Verpflichtung, in welcher Form auch immer, allein aufgrund der hier zur Verfügung gestellten Informationen selbstverständlich ausgeschlossen ist.

Data security

Mladenov GmbH observes the applicable provisions for data security and ensures the security of transmitted data according the Act of protection for personal data. These data are not provided to third party unless it is necessary to reach transmission purposes. Transmitted data is using only for the purposes that is said and other is not defined.

Each user, transmitted its data as affected has the right to object according the Federal law for data protection in regards of using or transmitting its data for ad purposes. In addition, everyone has the right to have information and under certain conditions, the right for correction, blocking or erasure the data stored in Mladenov GmbH database.

According to Federal law for data protection (FLDP), treatment of data and using it is allowed if Federal law for data protection (FLDP) or other legal regulation allows them or if the individual gave its permission. FLDP allows treatment of the data and using it always when it is in the context of the purposes of the contract or similar as contract commitment based on trust or if it is necessary for protection of legal interests at the place for storage or to a third party, for example receiver and there is no reason to believe that the legal interest of the entity of data outweigh releasing from processing or use respectively he has such legal interest.